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About Baby Jane

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Baby Jane is here to rescue you form the disaster of  the lingerie industry, to take you away from T-Shirt Bras and Boring Briefs, away from the belief that you can’t wear a Thong over Forty and all Big Boob Bras need padded cups


As a busy Mum of four boys, I know how important it is to grab some me time, and how near impossible it is for that time to be special.

Being passionate about both Lingerie and being a Mum, I wanted to bring the two together and believe I have with Baby Jane

I am a woman on a mission to bring lingerie into everyone’s life, in a fun, frolicky, even flirty way and to make sure we make you feel special every step of the way.

Let’s ditch the talk of correct fits, break the rules and have some fun


I created Baby Jane to make every woman feel special, and through our website, social media and one to one consultations we will show you how lingerie can bring confidence, empowerment and sex appeal.

Baby Jane will change the way that you look at lingerie forever

Jayne x

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