The Bra Style Guide


Every day should start with your underwear, whether it’s the correct bra to make your favourite top look good or the best bra for that romantic occasion, at Baby Jane our experts created this guide to ensure that you get your desired effect every time.  Balconette, plunge, pushup, padded ; confused ?  It’s ok you can become a lingerie guru with our bra style guide.

First of all, don’t forget to study our size charts to make sure that you know your size.  If you have problems check out our How to shop S/M/L/XL guide or if you would rather contact our Baby Jane lingerie experts then we are always there to help.




 Everyday Bra Styles

Firstly the bra guide brings you your lingerie drawer essentials, the bras that you can wear everyday.  Baby Jane knows it is so important that everyday doesn’t mean plain or boring, therefore we handpick styles that can smooth, boost, create cleavage and work with all necklines, while making sure that above all, you still look and feel amazing.  Baby Jane’s everyday bras have a range of materials, cuts and colours. So whether you want a T-shirt bra or a sexy lace number we have something for everyone



   Balconette (Balcony) Bras

It’s all in the name; just like balconys, balconette bras have wider straps that lift from the bottom of the cup, it’s this lift that gives you the va va    voom you need to show off your boobs with the greatest effect. So if you are looking for that ultimate lift or a fuller bust then the balconette bra is the style for you.

 Style Tip From Baby Jane

                                     Balconette bras create an uplift for a fuller more rounded bust they are perfect for low cut-tops and dresses with straighter necklines


Plunge Bras

Because a plunge bra supports you from the middle, it results in that irresistible lift and cleavage we all know. Non- padded and non-wired plunge bras give you a great boost but if you want just a little bit more then choose an underwire or padded plunge bra to give you the ultimate boost.

                                                                                                     Style Tip From Baby Jane

Plunge bras are perfect for low-cut clothing.  Want to go lower ? At times we need to go really low so look out for deep plunge or v plunge bras,                                                     these will dip lower in the middle while still creating the cleavage you desire.



Padded T-shirt Bra

T-shirt bras are great under yep, T-shirts because they give you a smooth seamless finish, which makes them almost invisible under clothes. If you also want some lift, support and shape then go for a padded T-shirt bra and remember with the amazing selection from Baby Jane T-shirt bras most certainly don’t have to be boring bra

 Style Tip From Baby Jane

                                           T-shirt bras are perfect for t-shirts, fitted tops, shirts and dresses



 Multiway Bras

Every girl needs a multiway bra ,have your bra straps ever ruined your oufit ? Well no more, the multiway bra is designed with moveable straps so they are perfect no matter what you wear.

                                                                                                        Style Tip From Baby Jane

Perfect for any neckline. If you can’t go without a bra then the multiway bra allows you to remove or switch the straps in a number of ways,                                                           creating the perfect look whilst still giving you the support you need.



Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are perfect for any outfit without straps, that beautiful dress or summer outfit, the strapless bra gives you support without ruining the look.  They’re perfect for occasional wear and although not really an everyday bra still a must have for any girls wardrobe.

    Style Tip From Baby Jane

                                          Need extra boob without straps look for a strapless bra with push-up padding.  So that you are not pulling it up all evening make sure you get the                                                correct fit, see our size charts or contact us to speak with one of our lingerie experts.


 Non-wired bras

Non-wired bras give you a gentle lift without the wire, they give subtle support and show off your curves. If you find underwired bras uncomfortable then the soft and comfortable non-wired bra is for you.

Style Tip From Baby Jane

If you want to feel comfortable and still sexy, then the non-wired bra is perfect for every day


 Non-padded bras

When you don’t need padding, big boobs, then go for the non padded bra.  These beautiful bras are comfortable, supportive but still ooze sexiness.  A great bra for every day when you want to feel hot.

Style Tip From Baby Jane

Perfect when you want a natural look

If you’ve got it flaunt it …

A night with the girls, it’s time to boost your assets and get heads turning. These are the bras designed to grab attention and make you feel totally irresistible.


 Push-up bras

The push-up bra does just that, it pushes your boobs together and up for a jaw dropping cleavage, The ultimate sexy silhouette, leaving boys drooling ang other girls wishing. ‘ For small boobs wanting a sexy boost or to simply flaunt what your mama gave you, the push up bra is a must have for any lingerie drawer.

Style Tip From Baby Jane

Perfect for low-cut tops, creating curves and turning every head in the blooming room.



 Longline bras (Bralettes)

Vintage is so in vogue right now and the longline bras have that vintage feel, but the longline bras (bralettes) are not a fad they are here to stay as one of our must have styles. They come further down your ribcage than other bras, helping to create a smooth line under your clothes both front and back.

Style Tip From Baby Jane.

Bralettes are perfect for figure hugging tops and dresses when you want a smooth and sculpted shape which still looks sexy. The bralette has also become a high fashion piece in the underwear as outerwear trend – wear under a sheer top, over a figure hugging tee or alone with trousers or a skirt.

Now for the naughty …

We’ve left the best til last, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for, our erotic styles …Transform into the ultimate seductress with these decadent styles, the naughty detailing leaves just enough to the imagination.  These erotic styles are exactly what you need for a naughty night ensuring inevitable desire and seduction. No one could refuse the lure of the erotic quarter cup and peephole styles – perfect for a long night of passion.



Quarter Cup Bra

Quarter cup bras feature cups that cover only the bottom quarter of the breasts, showing the nipple for an erotic look and feel, whilst the underband still offers support and lift for a sexy boost.

Quarter Cups bras are at the top of sexy bra styles. Designed to show just enough breast and nipple, these bras are perfect for those who want to mix the beauty of skin while enjoying the feeling that only lingerie can give.

Style Tip From Baby Jane

Wear when you want to blow his mind.  Naked skin, and beautiful feel of lingerie are the perfect mix for a night of total desire. You can also wear if you need more support and lift than being braless, whilst adding the feeling of something very very sexy.


Peephole Bras

Peephole bras are the ultimate tease, offering just a glimpse of what’s underneath, but staying seductively hidden until the moment of reveal.   Peephole bras come in many designs – sheer lace, sexy straps or tantalising ties – all these styles promise to reveal at the perfect time for a night you simply won’t forget.

Style Tip From Baby Jane

                              Perfect for pure seduction, but be warned this bra will  leave him begging for more



Don’t have knicker knowledge…don’t worry

So now you are a bra guru, you know exactly what bra you need for what occasion but what if they don’t come as a set, what knickers do you need ?  Now you have the perfect bra it’s time to get the perfect knickers after all why do things by halves ?


(Did you know that according to a study men prefer a matching set of bra and knickers?)


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