About Coquette Lingerie

Coquette is an international lingerie company that designs and manufactures stylish, desirable lingerie in Canada. Probably not the first country you think of for sexy lingerie, but with a strong tradition of quality goods designed and made in the country, these high quality Canadian-made lingerie collection are both lovely to look at and deliciously delightful to wear.

A business founded on crotchless panties!

Coquette started with a pair of crotch-less panties designed and created by husband and wife team Catherine and Peter Horea. From that humble beginnings selling panties to local stores in Ontario, the company has grown into a major lingerie design house, with a team of female designers producing new designs for seven different collections every year.

With hundreds of designs to choose from ranging from the cute and flirty Kissable range to the playful fetish club wear of the Darque range, Coquette lingerie is sold in 65 countries across the world, in a full range of sizes.

And now you can buy it online here in the UK, direct from Baby Jane Lingerie.

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