Interview With Model Kelsey Anyon

Interview With Model Kelsey Anyon

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An Interview With Model Kelsey Anyon

  • So Kelsey Anyon, tell us a bit about yourself ? Well i’m a 26 year old mother of 1, a gorgeous little boy and I’m part-time care assistant (by day)
  • Saint or Sinner ? Why ? Definitely Sinner! Well no ones ever had that much fun acting like a Saint now have they haha?!
  • What made you first want to become a model? Modelling is something I had always wanted to try when I was growing up, the glamour and versatility of it all had always appealed to me. It wasn’t until I got older that I realised it’s much more than that.
  • Tell us about your first job. My first job was with our amazing photographer Guy, and that kind of happened by chance. We became friends and it kind of went from there and we’ve had some really great creative shoots and many more to come.
  • How did you feel? I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous! Being my first shoot, you don’t know what to expect and you become really conscious of how you look. But it was definitely one of the best experiences and decisions I’ve ever made.
  • What has been the favourite shoot of all your modelling career so far? That’s a hard one to answer because I really haven’t ever had a bad shoot!..But I would have to say our first shoot for Baby Jane in the cabin definitely stands out. We had so many great people there and such a good day through out.
  • If you had a wish to do any shoot you wanted to, what would it be? I would love to do something that completely re-creates with body paints or big head-dresses, id love to try something like that.
  • You lingerie model for us here at Baby Jane, and let’s be honest you are not shy about getting your kit off , you ooze confidence ! What gives you that confidence? Haha if I’d have been asked to take part in this about a year ago, we probably wouldn’t be doing this now. I didn’t have the best confidence in myself or my body for a long time, especially more so after having my son. But then I was given these opportunities to do what I’d always wanted, so I thought ‘why the hell not?!’ And I’ve found my confidence in modelling.
  • What advice would you give any girl who really fancies giving lingerie modelling a go, but doesn’t have that confidence? I would tell them, just go for it! Life is to short and if it’s something you have always wanted to do, you need to do it or you’ll probably always be asking yourself ‘what if’ or ‘why didn’t I?’
  • You are the life and sole on all our shoots, you love to have a boogie, what songs are on your playlist right now? Ohhh I have lots of various music styles on my playlists. But I love the upbeat stuff, anything I can dance to or sing along to. But I’m definitely a rock’n’roll kind of girl.
  • What are your foody guilty pleasures? Cheese! I love the stuff! And of course I love the typical ones like chocolate, cake etc. But I’m a type 1 diabetic so I have to go easy on those haha.
  • What tips would you give  to any girls waiting for their very first shoot? Don’t over think it. You can’t do anything wrong, just be yourself and also do be scared to share your ideas and opinions with your photographer.
  • What’s your favourite piece of lingerie from Baby Jane so far? Now I really can’t just pick out one, they are all gorgeous! And amazingly comfortable, I would happily wear a new one every day around the house..Im sure my partner would love that haha!


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