The Lingerie Addict Recommends

The Lingerie Addict Recommends

Agent Prov V Baby Jane

The Lingerie Addict Recommends

Anyone who loves lingerie will have heard of, that’s if they aren’t signed up to their monthly newsletters, to keep up to date with what’s going on in the land of lingerie  ‘The Lingerie Addict’

Probably the most respected lingerie blogger in the business, yes my opinion; I love them or should I say; I love her.

In fact ‘The Lingerie Addict’ are the reason for this blog, usually this would blog would go on to my monthly feature Agent Provocateur V Baby Jane’ but I saw something on their blog tonight which I couldn’t ignore.

The Lingerie Addict have a ‘Recommended by’ section and in it I saw this recommendation

The Annoushka Range by Agent Provocateur and yes, it’s AP so of course it was stunning, the reason I couldn’t hold of this blog until next month is that this range is actually in the sale now at AP and the prices simply can’t be ignored, which makes this feature AP V Baby Jane even more interesting.

Annoushka Bra Bordeaux  £ 160 reduced to £ 65                                                    Annoushka Thong  £ 80 reduced to £ 35

The Suspender Skirt shown above £ 160 reduced to £ 35

So for anyone who loves Agent Provocateur this is a fantastic saving , the whole set should have been £ 400 reduced to £ 135,  A saving of £ 265


Baby Janes’ Most Wanted Lace Bra Set by Rene Rofe’


Most Wanted Set At Baby Jane  £ 26.99         View here – /product/wanted-lace-bra-set/

Although Agent Provocateur has a massive saving, it is most likely still out of most peoples reach which is why we are so keen to push forward a fantastic alternative and don’t forget that Rene Rofe’ is the same family as Victoria Secrets, so still well made and beautiful

If you really wanted to complete the look and get a suspender to match we sell a huge range which you could choose one from!

My thoughts :- I couldn’t help but think all the time writing this blog, although I myself love AP and I truly do, does a discount like that help or hinder them. I guess first thoughts are wow, what a bargain but second thoughts; at least mine were , if they can discount that amount how much profit do they actually make? Is the lingerie really worth the price tag they set on it ?

Anyhow, it will stay a thought and I would still love to have a drawer full .

By Jayne Burrow .. 30/06/2017

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