Peekaboo lingerie from Baby Jane Lingerie
Peekaboo isn’t so much a lingerie style as a state of mind! A peek-a-boo bra reveals more than your ordinary bra with translucent mesh, lace or satin cut-outs that flirt but don’t flaunt. You’ll also discover peek-a-boo features in our range of bustiers and chemise, and let’s face it, most of our panties are peek-a-boo in intention! After all, peekaboo lingerie is all about showing a tantalising glimpse of what your lover can’t have – quite yet….

Amelia Peek-A-Boo Chemise

,,,, £53.99

Microfibre and scalloped stretch lace peek-a-boo cup chemise.


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Cupless Bra & Panty Set

,,,,, £31.99

Cupless bra & panty set


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Leah Chemise

,, £37.99

Pearl underwire cupless stretch lace chemise